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 Pricing for Donations

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PostSubject: Pricing for Donations   Pricing for Donations Icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 2:41 am

Hey there.
I see your willing to donate for iSotonic [562]?

Click Here to instantly Donate to Sam and iSotonic!

Here are the Prices for Items In-Game!

$2 - 150M Cash!
$3 - FireCape + 150M Cash!
$4.50 - Sensitive Capitals in your Username. Example: IAmFtwBro + FireCape.
$5 - x1 Stat change + FireCape.
$7 - Donator on Forums + 150M Cash and FireCape!
$10 - Donator In-Game + Donator Yell + FireCape!
$15 - 300M Cash + Donator + Donator Yell!
$20 - Donator + Donator Yell + AGS!
$30 - PartyHat + Godsword Set + Donator + Donator Yell!
$50 - PartyHat SET + Godsword Set + Donator + Donator Yell!
$X - CUSTOM Outfit of your choice (X Consists of Sam's price on that specific item).

That's the pricing guys, if you want a custom item\outfit, let Owner Sam know and we'll set you a price, and see what your willing to pay.

Thanks for reading, Enjoy your Donating Benefits!!

© All Rights Reserved 2010 iSotonic and it's Owner: Sam.

Please note: The iSotonic Development Team nor the Owner's will be held accountable for any lost money in the transaction from Player to Owner's PayPal. If the Server\Game\Forums are to randomly close down due to malfunction or faulty programming due to a mistake etc, The Owners and Development team will NOT be held accountable. Every Donation is at the Player's Risk. Please make sure that you donate to the correct Email address to receive your rewards

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Pricing for Donations
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