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 Rules to iSotonic

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PostSubject: Rules to iSotonic   Rules to iSotonic Icon_minitimeSat Sep 11, 2010 11:38 pm

Now. As you all know, there are Rules everywhere in this world. Most people abide by them, some people don't. Those that don't get punished. Just like you will if you fail to abide by these set rules I have put in place.

Rules that'll get you Muted:

#1: Do not extremely flame players!
#2: Do not spam or spam ::yell!
#3: Do not make predigest comments towards players!
#4: Do not make fun\Amuse yourself over players sexuality!
#5 Respect ALL players especially Staff!

#6: Impersonating Staff!

Rules that'll get you IPMuted:

#1: Carry on doing the above after your
#2: Disrespect someones family or sexuality constantly.
#3: Advertising your Server\Other Servers (INSTANT IPMUTE)
#4: Advertising your\others Website.

#5 Impersonating Staff continuously.

Rules that'll get you Banned:

#1: Keep doing all of the above.
#2: Scamming. (Instant Ban).
#3: Farcasting NPC's.
#4: 2 Facing Staff (Acting nice to their face, Flaming behind back).
#5: Asking for Staff. (INSTANT MUTE - Make new Accounts and do the same = Ban).

#6: Impersonating Staff Account names.
#7: PkPoint Farming.

Rules that'll get you IPBanned:

#1 Doing ALL of the above.

Rules that'll get you Port Banned (Fully incapable of logging in, no matter what!):

#1: Avoiding IPBan/IPMute.
#2: ALL of the above.

Thanks for understanding Players. Enjoy iSotonic and all it's benefits !! Very Happy!
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Rules to iSotonic
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