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 Buying Armadyl Godsword/Hilt

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Buying Armadyl Godsword/Hilt Empty
PostSubject: Buying Armadyl Godsword/Hilt   Buying Armadyl Godsword/Hilt Icon_minitimeTue Oct 26, 2010 12:55 am

My offer for Armadyl Godsword:
3x Bgs
3x Gs Blade
3x Gs Shard 1
2x Saradomin full helmet
1x Saradomin plate
1x Saradomin plateskirt
2x Saradomin platelegs
3x Saradomin kites
1x Saradomin cloak
1x Saradomin d'hide top
1x Saradomin chaps
1x Zuriels Top
1x Zuriels Hood
!x Morrigans Coif
2x SW Red Cape
675,000,000x Coins

My offer for the Hilt is the same minus one blade.
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Buying Armadyl Godsword/Hilt
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