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PostSubject: summon supply   summon supply Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 6:01 am

i want to buy, the following:
1_ 10-20k spirit shards ( 200gp ea) 2m per 10k 3m per 15k 6m per 20k
2_10-20k proboscis ( 6.5k ea ) 65m per 10k 97.5m per 15k 130m per 20k
3_10-20k pouches ( 25gp ea ) 250k per 10k 400k per 15k 600k per 20k
4_10-20k gold charms ( 1.5k ea) 15m per 10k 23m per 15k 35m per 20k
ill add a fire cape if you sell me 15k or more each one.
i accept new offers.... feel free to post. cheers
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summon supply
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